2013. október 13., vasárnap

What's in my school bag?


I've decided i make a What's in my school bag post. So let's get started:

My school bag is from Bershka. I love this bag so much, it's big, nice, fashionable. It matches to me.

My books are from Tesco, I like this butterfly style, it has a lot of pages so i can write into it a lot.

My purse, in which I hold my money.

In this pink thing there're my id card, season ticket and important documents about me.  It always in my bag 'cause eg I go to school by bus I need my season ticket.

My make-up bag from Louis Vuitton omg, the one of most important thing in my bag. 

My parfume is from Zara, I got it from my boyfriend. It smells so so good.

My deodorant from Adidas, free emotions. Smells good and I use it everyday and before and after PE lesson.

My sunglasses, I need it everytime.

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