2013. október 13., vasárnap


Hei everyone,

On this weekend was Glamour-days in all of the malls in the country. I've bought the Glamour magazine so I got some glamour coupone book, which included a lot of discounts to Pimkie, New Yorker and other shops but I've just bought a pair of jeans from Amisu and a Maybelline Big Eyes mascara. 

These are the jeans, the mascara and a scarf i love :))

This mascara is very good, the upper brush pushes your lashes up and wide and the lower brush magnifies tiny lashes. It's waterproof. I can recommend it very much, as it is a new product yet. Try it! :)

My outfit of Night Shopping:

Jeans shirt from Fishbone Sisters. I made my hair curly with Rowenta.

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