2013. szeptember 29., vasárnap

stuff for fall

hei everyone,

i have bought some new things for fall and i would like to show it to you. Nowadays the weather is cold that's why we need these clothes ot shoes. 

I really really really like these boots because it's warm and fashionable. It matches to my new knitted pulover which can be found below. Its color is khaki.

These're rivet "ballet" shoes. There's no english word for it, sorry. It's elegante a bit. You can put it on with e.g. blazer, skinny jeans. It's very comfortable and good for the nicer weather at autumn and spring.

Oh my loveee, my AirMax. I've dreamed about it for months and now it's mine. 

My knitted pullover from New Yorker. Comfortable and warm for cold weather.

My jeanscoat from S.Oliver. 

My warmer coat from Denim.

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