2013. szeptember 14., szombat

My favourites


I thought that I show my favourite videos, music, tv programmes, bloggers for U. I hope U will enjoy it.

Tv programmes:
 I really really like the Pretty Little Liars. It's about 5 friends, but one of them is dead and this 'dead girl' sends them a lot of SMS to do something or about their secrets which are known only by she. She's called Alison and the end of the SMS her sign is 'A'. It's very exciting and worth to watch it. Find out who A is!

 The second is the Gossip Girl. It's about friends as well, but there is a guy who makes a webpage with a lot of gossip and all of them send pics, fake things of their friends to the website. Watch is and it will be found out who gossip 'girl' is. 

Music videos:



Erica Mohn Kvam

Aurora Mohn

Mathilde Holck

Sammi Maria

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