2013. augusztus 30., péntek

Last part of my language exam


  Today im going to the last part of my language exam - oral exam - 'cause i have already passed the written exam, wish good luck for me because im very nervous because of it. 

  These days are our last days from the summer holiday. The school will be beginning on Monday.. It will be my last year from high school than i go to Budapest to College. Finally, we won't have electives such as physics, geopraphy and chemistry.. I hate these subjects. 
  I can't wait the College,i can live in Budapest, make new friends, be with my boyfriend a lot, go to the mall and shop new clothes or anything. :)
  On this Saturday we are going to party at my friend's house so i won't write here on the weekend. Sooo, HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!!  xoxo

todays outfit


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